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About XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator tools. Use our free tool to easy generate XML sitemap to notify search engines including Google, Bing, and Yandex, about all your web pages and any changes in them, and make sure all your pages are rightly indexed. 

As a web master tools, you want your websites to ranks on the top of search engine result  page (SERPs), right? 

 Of course, everyone does! 
.But for your point to get indexed and finally rank, search engines like Google would frequently have to regularly “ bottleneck” your point. 

 They do this to give the most over-to- date content in the search results. 
 Occasionally, the hunt bots may crawl a site multiple times in a day, especially if you post new papers throughout the day like the case is with news sites. 
The crawl process is mainly algorithmic s, meaning that computer program  determine how frequently search bot  should crawls each points. 
The further times these Search Engine spider  crawls your points, the further of your content they'll indicator. This eventually leads  to the further of your runner showing up for queries and by extension more organic business or blogging  trooping into your points. 
 Still, for your point to get crawled * duly * everytime and more frequently as it were, there has to be a structure in place. And it's called Sitemap.

XML Sitemap Generator Tools


Useful Tools:

This ranges from information like:

  • When the page was last updated
  • How often it changes
  • How it relate  to the  other URLS in the sites
  • Its level of importance to the overall sites and etc.