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Agora, crie o arquivo 'robots.txt' no seu diretório raiz. Copie o texto acima e cole no arquivo de texto.

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Robots.txt Generator Tools

Robots.txt Generator Tools. Robots.txt is a file that contain instruction on how to crawls a websites. It's also known as robots exclusion protocol, and this standard is used by sites to tell the bots which part of their website needs indexing. Also, you can specify which areas you do n’t want to get reused by these crawlers; similar areas contain indistinguishable content or are under development. Bots like malware sensors, mail harvesters do n’t follow this standard and will overlook for sins in your securities, and there's a considerable probability that they will begin examining your point from the areas you do n’t want to be listed. 

Robots.txt Generator Tools

A complete Robots.txt contains “ Stoner- agent,” and below it, you can write other directives like “ Allow,” “ Disallow,” “ Crawl-Delay”etc.However, and you can enter multiple lines of commands in one file, if written manually it might take a lot of time. However, you'll need to write “ Disallow the link you do n’t want the bots to visit” same goes for the allowing attribute, If you want to count a page. If you suppose that’s all there's in the robots.txt file also it is n’t easy, one wrong line can count your runner from indexation line. So, it's better to leave the task to the pros, let our Robots.txt creator take care of the train for you. 


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