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Page Size Checker tools. Website page size Checker is one of the many search engine optimization tools that SmallSeoWebTools has developed over those years. This notable device, as the name indicates, is a web page size checker that may be used to recognize the web page length of any unique URL. It's far a magic device that customers can use to test internet site size on-line. If your website takes longer than typical to load then possibly you need to paintings on the size of your internet site because it may result in excessive soar fee as the net users don’t have a tendency to have the persistence to look forward to the internet page to open. A median small web web page size is estimated to be 12 KB and in order to load right away. The greater media on a page, the bigger the web page length and the slower it's going to load. Embedded motion pictures, pix, audio, photos, flash, and other forms of media will boom your web page length. First things first, it’s important for the fitness and overall performance of your website which you recognize the dimensions of your internet site however the way to realize the full length of a internet site? That’s where website web page length checker or page size inspector comes into play. Page Size Checker tools

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