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Link Analyzer tool Counting the number of links on your website is difficult. They live both in your content, header, footer, and side bar. To found out how numerous internal, external, and Nofollow links your URL contains use a link checker otherwise know as a link analysis tool. 
This tool analyses links on your website. Enter your URL to see how numerous links are on a certain runner of your website. Click submit to see the results in a list form of all the included links. 

How to get tracking links 
The best way to get tracking links is to use thesearchenginereports  website Google Fing - links- count-checker tool. Dissect the results and also start creating excellent and original content. This content must be participated and linked naturally. Another approach would be to make guest blogs on a site related to your business and link it to your site. 
It'll induce referral traffic also to furnishing you with associate SEO boost. 
Hard work, writing quality content and posting it on your website is the only sure way to get a high standing on Google. Every time the industry tries to wisecrack Google’s ranking criteria, it’s short-lived. Google comes to know that commodity is wrong and fixes it. Thus, sharing in the purchase of vicious links or not checking your website periodically from all aspects won't ameliorate your website. 

Useful Tools:

Keep Covering your website with searchenginereport website google search - links- count- counter and see how numerous links you have won or lost. Try to gain the confidence of the industry, since that's where your real competition comes from.