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Domain Age Checker Tools. A website age verification determines when you bought your domain, when you renewed it, and when it expires. It also gives you the age of your website in years and days. You could check your domain host to see when you bought the URL and do the math. However, you may have to log in and search for this information. Instead, use this domain age finder that gives you this information in seconds. Simply enter your domain name and click submit.

Domain Age Checker How old is a website? 
Have you ever visited a unexpectedly designed and well- written website, and you wonder, why have you ever reached this particular website before? Or you end up on an online shopping, services, ore-commerce website, and before deciding to spend your money, you would like to know how long these guys have been in business. One of the easiest ways is to determine the age of the website; this will help you estimate the credibility of your services. Also, people may be interested in knowing the age of your website. 
Suppose you visit a web hosting website; it's a known fact that aged players in this business tend to be more dependable. When you can not find a indication about the time of training on the website, also the idea of chancing the age of a website is awful. Indeed if you keep in mind that typically we can only detect the domain registration date, it's possible that the website has changed niche latterly. 

Domain Age Checker Is the significance of domain age? 
The direct answer to this question will be yes. The age of the domain is indeed important for SEO or Google ranking. Among the colorful weighting factors that Google considers when ranking a website is the age of a domain. In other words, how long a domain has been present is important. It's worth considering that the age of the domain doesn't relate to how long it has had a given website name, but rather how long it has been since Google listed that domain for the first time. That's why numerous companies prefer to buy" aged domains"that have was for a while to add a little further Google oomph element. Still, if a domain was registered about 10 times ago it doesn't mean that Google has it as a 10- year-old child, Google must have listed it. 

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